Fever is actually right to take a bath?

Haw Many people think that it is forbidden to take a bath when you have a fever. Bathing will cause cold, fever will increase. In our country, giving jalpaite, pouring water on the head is more popular in case of fever. But bathing a fever patient is not scientifically strictly prohibited.

If you don’t take a bath, you feel uncomfortable. The body massages. In addition, the feeling of malaise due to fever works. The body sweats during a fever and is more uncomfortable if not bathed. On the other hand, taking a bath temporarily reduces the intensity of the fever, and the patient feels refreshed. Cleanliness is also maintained.

water temperature

Many times the patient with fever feels cold, cold. Exposure to water flow may cause further chills or shivering. So it is better to mix a little hot water with normal temperature water. The temperature should be tolerable for the patient. Not too hot or too cold.

Take care

A patient with fever may feel dizzy, weak. The patient may have difficulty standing up quickly from lying down and walking to the bathroom. So the patient should sit up slowly and carefully. Walking cannot be rushed. If necessary, the help of someone else in the house should be taken. Bathing should not stay wet for a long time. After bathing, the body and head should be thoroughly wiped.

If you have a fever, you need to drink a lot of water and liquid food. Canned water, fresh fruit juice, various soups or milk can be consumed. However, beverages with preservatives (such as juice packets) are prohibited. Soft drinks or other drinks with added sugar are also excluded. Even if you cannot eat a large amount at once, you should eat small amounts of water or liquid food. In case of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and kidney problems, it is recommended to consult a doctor about taking drinks with sugar, salt etc. The amount of water in kidney patients should also be limited as per the advice.

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