How to Lower Your Body Fat Percentage

How to Lower Your Body Fat Percentage: Body fat is a natural element of our body, it is around our organs, regulates our temperature, protects our joints, and provides us with energy. Although all these functions are carried out as essential body fat, there is another type of extra fat that is not healthy and that is the result of a sedentary life and an incorrect diet: non-essential body fat.

Nutrition experts warn of how dangerous it is to have a body fat index too high, being a risk factor for the development of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. It is estimated that the healthy fat index for men should be between 6% and 24%, while for women it is between 14% and 31%. However, these values are not accurate and will always depend on the constitution of each person and their age.

This extra fat is what everyone hates to have, as it makes you feel uncomfortable and makes your body stop looking slender, being necessary to be able to eliminate it makes a drastic change in our habits of life and in our diet. Then for all those who want to reduce their body fat quickly, we will give you a series of very useful tips to get it done.


Well, let’s start!



The main cause of having too much unhealthy fat is consuming more calories than we burn, so starting by reducing your daily calorie intake is the first step to starting to lose weight.

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend all day looking at the number of calories in each food you eat, but simply watch what you eat ( preferably healthy and free of hydrogenated fats) and start playing more sports regularly; a healthy low-calorie diet with gentle exercise is a perfect combination to start reducing fat.


Proteins are the perfect ally to reduce weight without starving. Something as simple as increasing the daily amount of protein you eat can help you a lot in your fight against being overweight; experts estimate that it takes 2 grams per kilo of body weight to start noticing the effects, which can be even more.

The satiating and thermogenic effect of proteins on our body is incredible, accelerating our metabolism to burn twice as many calories, while keeping us fed for hours so that we do not have the need to get up and sting between hours.


You may find it contradictory, but gaining muscle is also a good way to make our body lose that extra unhealthy fat that bothers us so much.

This option is really good in those cases where the diet has stagnated, making it increasingly difficult to lose kilos by eating well and practicing our usual sport; gain weight in the form of muscle and you will start losing weight again. The more muscle we generate from toning exercises, the more calories we burn at the end of the day, and we can also increase calorie intake without worrying about getting fat.

It is an option that requires a lot of dedication and physical wear but that ultimately compensates a lot, do not hesitate to try it!


Experts have been advising increasing your daily water intake for years, making it ideal to drink 2 to 3 liters each day. Not that water is the best-hidden secret to weight loss and we’re going to notice a big difference by drinking water nonstop, but it will help us feel lighter and reduce our appetite.

There are times when the retention of liquids can make us weigh a kilo more than we should, so if we remove all the unnecessary toxins from our body through the water we will find ourselves much better; and with a kilo less, which is what we are interested in.


This does not mean that you should stop eating carbohydrates or that they are the culprits of their overweight, no. Simply because carbohydrates have a very high caloric intake and a minimum satiating capacity, it makes it harder for us to burn twice as many calories a day.

Contrary to what happens with proteins, this ingredient present in bread or pasta tends to slow our metabolism, so if we try to eliminate it little by little from our main meals, the better.

These are some of the most effective ways to start losing weight quickly, but remember that the most important thing is to always try to be consistent and lead a healthy life in which exercise and diet are more balanced. Do not forget!

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