Unlock Your Dream Body at Home: Proven Techniques for Effortless Weight Loss!

Unlock Your Dream Body at Home: We’ve all heard it again: Shedding pounds and maintaining a trim shape are some ways to stay healthy. For some of us, this is a walk in the park. Skip rope? Sure, no problem. Press-ups? Piece of cake.

To some of us, however, scorching excess fat is more of a challenge. The coronavirus menace has made it impossible to go to the gym and as long as there’s a full fridge in the kitchen, not to mention a comfy couch and inviting tube, losing weight seems like a dream.

The good news is, whether you’re a fitness buff looking to maintain those toned muscles or a plus-size beauty looking to turn it down a notch, you can from your crib!

Here are some simple steps on how to lose weight at home:

Drink Some Green Tea

It may not smell great, but this beverage is packed with healthy compounds that can work wonders on your body.

It’s packed with a few calories. Plus, green tea contains theanine, which helps lower your stress levels, therefore making weight loss a walk in the park.

Experts recommend that you drink it without milk or sugar so it can be more effective. Sounds gross, we know, but it’s worth the sacrifice. When it’s in its natural state, it contains fewer calories.

Take a cup immediately after breakfast and lunch for better results.

No More Junk Food

Junk food is great comfort food when you’re down in the dumps and an awesome pick for movie nights. However, they’re bad for your health.

Understandably, quitting is hard. Try starting slowly first. Eat it in small amounts until you can finally go a day or more without it.

There are countless tips to make them less desirable. First of all, drink lots of water, preferably 2-3 liters a day so you can feel full.

Next, have a heavy breakfast that’s loaded with fibre so you can feel full for longer. Lastly, avoid stress. Go for a nice walk or watch a comedy to prevent eating stress.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Still on food, when it comes to shedding pounds, a balanced diet is everything.

Instead of guzzling down chicken wings with hot sauce alone, add some fat, complex carbohydrates high-fiber products such as brown rice oats, and vegetables into your diet.

Try adding some thrill to mealtimes by experimenting with new recipes. For example, you can have brown rice, raw vegetables, and a lightly-fried omelette for lunch and homemade juice for dessert.

Have 10 Minutes of Light Workouts Daily

Light workouts help with flexibility and better blood flow. Don’t worry, no complex exercises here. You could, for example, hold a 500 mL bottle in each of your hands. Then, stretch out your arms and rotate them severally to strengthen your biceps.

You could also stretch or go for a brisk walk in the morning.

Light exercises should be done before breakfast when the body is fresh and most responsive.

If 10 minutes seems too much for you, start with 5 minutes daily and adjust as you get used to it.

Do Some Chores

Remember that To-Do List you made some months ago but have never really gotten to completing? Now’s the time to get it from under the couch and work on those chores.

Additionally, wash dishes when you’re done with them, cook while you’re standing, and take Fido out for a walk twice a day. Scrub dirty floors, take out the trash, and take dishes to the sink whenever you’re done with them instead of piling them under the table.

You can also play some Frisbee in your backyard and go for groceries on foot instead of using your car. The more active you get, the easier losing weight will be for you.

It Is Possible

Many times, stuff seems impossible because we tune our minds to believe that they are. Truth is, you have that power inside you to achieve more from the start.

No matter your size, you can slash those extra pounds with ease. Make a deliberate effort to switch off the tube, get off the couch, and clear the fridge if you have to.

Even if you fall back on old habits, it’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up. Get up and get to it again. It won’t be long before you get in shape.

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