Simple Ways To Get Rid of Love Handles

Simple Ways To Get Rid of Love Handles: Having love handles are the most frustrating thing in the world. Love handles are what could be holding you back from achieving that hourglass figure, or from getting the body shape you’ve always aspired for.

You might think that you can easily get rid of love handles through ab and oblique workouts, but that isn’t the case at all. It takes more than ab and oblique workouts to lose the love handles that are holding you back from your body goal. In this article, we’ll be discussing 6 simple ways to get rid of love handles.

Reduce your food consumption

Ultimately, you can’t lose your love handles if you keep eating whichever you want to eat with no self-control whatsoever. The primary step to losing your love handles is to consume fewer calories and cut your portion calories.

It’s difficult to control yourself, especially when you’ve gotten so used to eating so much. However, cutting your calories is the primary step in getting rid of those love handles.

Avoid doing cardio excessively

There’s nothing bad with cardio exercises. In fact, they’re effective in losing weight. However, sticking to just cardio exercises won’t help you get rid of your love handles. It may help you lose weight, but it won’t target the area you want to lose weight in.

Instead, it’s best to combine both cardio and strength exercises to effectively target losing your love handles. Doing a variety of both cardio and a full-body workout, this should do the trick.

Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcohol is one of the fastest ways you can have love handles, especially if your fat tends to store around your obliques and waist. No matter how stressed or frustrated you are, don’t resort to alcohol.

Alcohol contains a lot of calories that you may be unaware of, even hard drinks such as tequila and vodka. In fact, studies show that a glass of wine a day can easily add 1,500 calories to your body. If you tend to gain weight around your love handles, unfortunately, that’s exactly where fat will store up.

Don’t focus on just your abs

While working out your abs, core, and obliques are essential in losing your love handles, it isn’t the whole focus. While these exercises will benefit you, it’s important to also do full-body workouts. As much as it’s easy to do crunches, planks, and other ab workouts to lose your love handles, it’s not as easy as you think. Both exercise and diet play a huge role in getting rid of your love handles.


Stress and anxiety play a huge role in your health and fitness journey. When you’re stressed, it’s only natural that you’ll gain more weight, especially in your love handles. Stress specifically triggers cortisol, which is the stress hormone.

Overexposure to this stress hormone can lead to factors such as anxiety and weight gain. It’s important that you do things that make you feel good about yourself when you’re stressed. Whether it’s about work or something else, do something to take the burden off such as exercise or meditation. This way, you’re not as tempted to eat more calories and gain more weight.

Lift weights

The factor that you may be missing on why you can’t get rid of your love handles is weight. While calisthenics workouts are effective, lifting weights helps build muscle and is proven to be more effective regarding weight loss.

Lifting weights provides resistance in your body that will help you get rid of your love handles. Calisthenics may burn more calories, but resistance workouts help your body in building lean muscle. This is also the reason why combining calisthenics workouts with resistance workouts is effective in getting rid of belly fat and love handles.

In conclusion, these are 6 simple ways to get rid of love handles. Losing your love handles may be difficult at first, but it definitely is possible. It’s not entirely about focusing on workouts inclined on your abs and obliques, but it’s working out your body as a whole. With the proper diet, lifestyle, and exercise, you’ll gradually lose your love handles and get the body figure you aspire for.

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