What to do in case of mother-lost newborn

case of mother-lost newborn introduction: The birth of a child is the beginning of a thousand joys. And at the center of this joy is the mother. Whose joy is comparable to the one whose womb has grown a new life, mole by mole? The bond between mother and child is also unique. But if the bond is unique, it is not unbreakable. As fate would have it, the mother may be lost before any child is fully self-reliant. The mother may die due to complications during delivery or after delivery, and even the mother may lose the newborn in an accident.

A human child does not fall into a state of desperate helplessness without losing the biggest means of growth on earth. With such a child, the rest of the family members are also in trouble. How to feed him, with whom he will stay, with whom he will sleep – there is no end to the thoughts. It becomes a challenge to raise the child after overcoming illness, grief, and depression.

Can a baby still survive if the mother dies?

Fetuses can survive for surprisingly long after their mothers pass away, depending on the state of the body. For example, if there is no more circulation in the mother, then she can no longer carry oxygen to the umbilical cord and the fetus will soon die.

What happens when a woman loses a baby?

You might go through anger, sadness, confusion, and depression. You might also have physical symptoms like trouble sleeping or wanting to sleep all the time, difficulty concentrating, loss of appetite, and crying a lot. Many women say they feel guilty when they lose a baby, or they feel jealous and bitter.

How does losing a child affect a mother?

The emotional blow associated with child loss can trigger a wide range of psychological and physiological problems including depression, anxiety, cognitive and physical symptoms linked to stress, marital problems, increased risk for suicide, physical pain, and guilt.

How do you comfort a woman who lost her baby?

“Keeping you and Mike in my thoughts and hoping for healing to come to you in time.” “I’m so sorry about the loss of your pregnancy and your sweet baby-to-be.” “I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Sending caring thoughts your way and hoping for peace and healing when you’re ready.”

Growing up in a care

A newborn is a completely helpless, completely dependent being. There is no substitute for mother’s milk for him. When the mother is not there, a substitute mother must be found. If a close relative has a nursing child, then she can become a nursing mother. Milk – Mother’s milk is beneficial for the baby. Cotter milk or formula milk can cause harm to the baby’s health. So milk-mother is necessary for the health of the child. If you don’t get it at all, ‘Cotter’s milk is the only hope.

Not just feeding, the newborn needs protection from germs. His comfort, cleanliness, clothing, and daily care should be taken care of. Hands should be disinfected before touching him, and bathing and feeding should be done on time. After reaching the age of six months, along with milk, nutritious food should be started as per the rules. And care must be ensured just as the mother brings up all newborns with care. This was said by Professor Manisha Banerjee, Head of the Neonatal Department of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital.

Proper development of the mind

Along with physical health, the mental side of the child’s development should also be taken care of. A growing child will gradually learn to understand everything. ‘Alas, he has no mother!’—that sigh of yours should not drown him in despair. None of his needs can be neglected. In no way should the child feel deprived. So that he doesn’t suffer with the thought that ‘everyone has a mother, but I don’t have one. Whoever plays the role of the baby’s mother should develop a nice, easy, smooth relationship with the baby from the very beginning.

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Sir Salimullah Medical College and Mitford Hospital. Rashidul Haque said, the one who is taking care of the child, His role is very important here. Even if there is no mother, the child should find someone to rely on like a mother. If this place of trust and confidence is not there, there can be setbacks. Due to childhood emotional deprivation, he may once find the world around him very scary. He may avoid normal socialization, suffer from an inferiority complex, feel small about his own existence, suffer from excessive anxiety, may break down easily, suffer from mental instability, and even suicidal thoughts may overtake him. So take care of the mental development of the child properly.

family circle

In a world busy with the realities of life, no one can completely fulfill the lack of a mother. Even for the father, it is not possible. For motherless children, the father often brings a new ‘mother’, i.e. he remarries. But many families are confused about the identity of the second mother in front of the growing child and resort to lies. But this is unfair.

He might be hurt if he finds out the truth someday when he grows up. Rather, Rashidul Haque said that the child’s tender heart should be given the opportunity to create a place of love for the new mother. That is, when the child is still young, he should tell the truth, little by little, taking into account his emotional state. To make the growing-up days easier for the baby in the family where this new mother has arrived, weave the matter positively into the baby’s mind. Then there will be no complications about the future.

case of mother-lost newborn Take it easy

A child may want to know how the mother died. If the mother dies due to complications during childbirth, the child may feel guilty after learning about it. Care should also be taken that the child does not think that ‘mother had to leave this world for my birth’. In the normal course of life, someone’s mother may die like this or someone’s life may have a sudden accident, it should be explained simply so that he does not get hurt.

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